Carved animals in steel, stainless steel and raised inlays of pure silver and copper. Carving adds depth like no other style of engraving can. 

I've been engraving since 1998, and engrave all of my rifles myself. Having the ability to embellish the rifles I build is hugely satisfying as an artist. I am well versed in a wide variety of styles from bulino to banknote shading to English scroll and gold work including inlays, raised inlays, overlays and multi colored metal inlays. My specialty and favorite style of engraving is deep relief, sculpted scroll work as pictured above. This style of engraving is very time consuming, but is the most durable, dimensional and impactful in my opinion. The high areas of the engraving burnish with age and use afield and only becomes more attractive. 

Below are photographs of various other engravings in different styles to illustrate what is possible for your rifle. Please enjoy and use this page as inspiration for your firearm. As always, please feel free to contact me regarding any questions you may have. 


English scroll. Classic, subtle and understated. The level of coverage shown above is standard on my base level rifles.

A.H. Fox shotgun engraved with full coverage deep relief sculpted scrolls. 

Bradshaw Gun and Rifle