Bradshaw Gun and Rifle

Rising Block Single Shot rifle


​​7X65R Rising block single shot. Color case hardened Rising Block action machined from 8620 steel. Delicate English scroll engraving with 22k gold inlay borders. Barrel block and cavity are wire EDM cut for precision. Bushed firing pin, coil spring driven striker and an excellent trigger set at 2 lbs. Shilen barrel with quarter rib, sculpted sling swivel band and front sight base.The quarter rib has talley style dovetails machined in. One standing/one folding rear sight, front sight is small bead with flip up night site.

Beautiful and dense Turkish walnut stock with hand rubbed oil finish, 22lpi checkering. Pachmeyer decelerator pad and sunburst grip cap. The extractor works very well and will eject the case with a quick opening of the action. The safety blocks both the trigger and the sear, making the rifle very safe. 7X65R is and excellent cartridge, very similar in performance to the .280 Remington. 

With the upgraded wood quality and gold inlays, this rifle would normally be priced at $10,000. In an effort to get this new action design into customers hands, I have priced the rifle without the $1500 in upgrades. 

All of the work was done by me in my show with exception of drilling and rifling the barrel.

Price:  SOLD!!