Bradshaw Gun and Rifle

Weclome to Bradshaw gun and rifle. My name is Bailey Bradshaw. I specialize in building single shot Rising block rifles and Rising block double rifles from .22 caliber to .500 nitro express. I manufacture actions of my own design with particular attention paid to strength, reliability, fit and finish and shoot-ability.  Providing a fine rifle with exemplary handling, accuracy and style is paramount.

  Metalworking is in my blood. Several generations of my family have been Blacksmiths and Farriers. I began forging horseshoes at age 11 for my Father. During my 6 year enlistment in the U.S. Navy, I began forging knives to take to sea and finish in my spare time. My shipmates began purchasing the knives as I finished them, marking the beginning of a 15 year career as a Bladesmith. I achieved the level of Master Bladesmith with the American Bladesmith Society, which I regard as the highest honor of my bladesmtihing career. 

  From displaying my knives at the Dallas Safari Club exposition for several years, I was able to handle, admire and examine hundreds of fine rifles. The seeds  of inspiration were planted, and through intensive study of design, manufacturing techniques and history of double rifles, I set out to design and manufacture my own rifles. Through several years of developing what I consider to be a truly unique and substantially improved action design for both single shot and side by side double rifles, I am now proud to offer my Rising block actions.  

I am a sole authorship gunmaker. I do all of the work on my rifles with the exception of boring and rifling the barrels. From design, forging, machining, stocking, regulating, engraving, hardening, metal coloring and final finishing, my two hands do all the work. When my name goes on the rifle, I hold myself accountable for every detail and strive for the highest level of workmanship.   
This makes my rifles very unique in a world where teams of craftsman and artists are employed to build fine rifles. Each of my rifles is truly an expression of my own skill and dedication.

My shop is located in Northeast Texas near the small town of Diana, 2 hrs East of Dallas .

I sincerely hope you enjoy your time here. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.  

Phone # 903-746-0004